Forms of Al-Banna’s self-criticism

Al-Banna held himself accountable for negligence and questioned his deeds daily urging the movement’s members to do so. Not only was he discontent with himself he also added the criticism to worship that was individually performed or daily collective acts of worship.

Al-Banna often wrote articles and held himself and his group accountable, questioning why do we give? Why we succeed? Why we fail? And what is needed to be done? All of these procedures were to hold a soul accountable for its actions. In his article published by “Al-Nazeer” magazine Al-Banna “How may one hold himself accountable for his action?” he explained that accountability must be done as a group and as a nation, however they have not yet succeeded in performing the task outlined in the existence of colonial powers in the Muslim world.

By Muharram {the first month of the Islamic calendar} Al-Banna wrote a year later in Al-taaruf Magazine an article titled “Two years in the Balance… one year ending and another invisible in which he addressed the supporters of the Brotherhood members, at the end of the Hijri year, demanding them all to hold their soul accountable saying:

(O, Brothers, the first step is the need to reform purify our soul, questioning are we feel reassured? My beloved people “If ye do deeds of righteousness, verily He is Most Forgiving to those who turn to Him again and again in true penitence.

Hold yourself accountable by taking into account those who adhere to the principles of right and power of Islam.

Are you fulfilling obligatory duties of Islam? Are you far from sin?

Do you like the charity? What have you done for yourself or the people? Are you ready to strive for your idea? Are your body, mind and emotions healthy? Have you tried to spread your idea among your neighbors? Can one or more of your friends have faith in your ideas?

Every Muslim with such questions must first hold his soul accountable, to assert where he is by way of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The whole society must be held accountable as it is not your mission alone but the principal task of the Brotherhood’s Guidance Office and its administrative bodies and individuals.

What did Brotherhood members do for charity for the people around them? How many people have you convinced with the movement’s principles, programs and teachings? How many projects have you succeeded in? With such questions, we want to weigh aspects and means of struggling for the Muslim Brotherhood’s bodies.

The entire order as it is our principal mission and that of every Muslim who believes in Allah and His Messenger, we must constantly ask ourselves about the new changes that have occurred in our daily life either to bring us closer or widen the gap between us and what was ordained by Islam.

“We need to be cautious for fear that self-satisfaction causes convenience, however the right path is very long and complex, Imam Hassan al-Banna said, adding frustration can lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair despite the fact that the mercy of Allah is near to those who do good. Our duty is always to be inspired by the success for progress and also learn the lessons from failure in order to redouble efforts. This is the yardstick by which I wanted to place between your hands my dear brothers in the New Hijri Year to keep you always on the alert).



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